Vodka Vault

  • Filter and Infuse your Vodka right in the bottle
  • The continuous filtration process results in a better tasting vodka
  • Create a custom flavored drink of your choice
  • Rechargeable battery and motor filters and infuses in the bottle

Unlock your Spirits


  • Top-Shelf Taste

  • Smoother Finish

  • Infused Flavor

  • High-quality cocktails

Replaceable Filters

The coconut carbon filter removes impurities and improves the taste.

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Infusion Process

The built-in infusion chamber lets you create the flavor of your choice.

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Taste Test!

Pour a drink from the original bottle in Shot glass A. Use Vodka Vault for 1 hour or more in the bottle. Pour a drink into Shot glass B.
Taste the difference after only 1 hour!
  • Shot A

    Poured straight from the bottle

  • Shot B

    Same brand filtered with Vodka Vault

Party Goers Agree: Vodka Vault delivers better-tasting vodka with a smoother finish.

Do You Accept the Challenge? 

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