Vodka Vault Specifications

Vodka Vault is a continuous filtration system contained in a single unit that consists of a battery, motor, filter, and infusion chamber. You simply place Vodka Vault into a bottle of Vodka and turn it on.

Materials: Vodka Vault is made from food grade ABS 757 plastic

Sizes: Vodka Vault has a tapered top allowing it to fit all bottles with neck sizes between 19-23mm wide and 10” tall

Motor: DC brushed 3.7v 15000-18000 RPM

Cable: A 3ft micro usb cable

Pour Spout: Easy pour spout so you can pour drinks while its filtering

Battery: Lithium polymer battery 3.7v 300mAH 1.1wh

Battery lasts about 1.25 hours on a full charge

It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery

Activated Carbon Filter: Each filter is 2.2g of activated coconut carbon with each particle being 1-4 mm size for more surface area and a better flow rate

Material: Filter is made from SS304 wire mesh