Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Vodka Vault?  The most common ones are listed below.  If you have others please contact us via the Contact page and we will answer them for you.

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Why should I filter my vodka?

Carbon filters are effective at removing chlorine and other impurities such as sediment, ethanol, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It improves the taste and odor of the liquid being filtered.

Can Vodka Vault be used on other drinks?

You can filter other alcoholic spirits to a lesser degree. The best candidates are Vodka and Tequila.

Rums and Whiskeys may lose some of the color with carbon filtering but can be filtered.

Overall try it and you decide if you like it better after its filtered.

How does infusion work?

To add flavor to your drinks simply open the infusion chamber and add in
chopped up fruit or any flavoring you desire.

To expedite the infusion process, turn on Vodka Vault and the continuous
filtration motion will infuse your drink within hours vs. days that other products offer.

Coming soon are spices that you can order with your Vodka Vault to help Unlock Your Spirits!

Can I filter and infuse at the same time?

You sure can and we suggest you do.

Put some chopped up lemon in the infusion chamber and place a new filter in the bottom of Vodka Vault. Insert it into your Vodka and an hour or two later. You have a better tasting lemon flavored bottle of vodka!

Will filtering prevent hangovers?

Yes and No.

Yes: Filtering does help in the removal of ethanol which is one of the causes of hangovers.

No: Hangovers can be based on quantity. Filtering does not allow you to drink more.

How long should I filter my vodka?

Vodka Vault suggests 1 hour of continuous filtering for a handle of vodka.

For best results a 2 hour period is recommended.

What is included with the product?

The Vodka Vault product includes the following:

Cable: A 3ft micro usb cable.

Pour Spout: Easy pour spout so you can pour drinks while its filtering.

Sticker: A 'Filtered by" sticker to place on the bottle after use.

What value does Vodka Vault give me

The value proposition of Vodka Vault is to make your vodka better.

- A $10 handle will taste like a $30 bottle, a savings of $20 per bottle.

- With each filter good for three bottles at 2 hours each. You can filter three $10 handles for a savings of $60 per filter!

- You can use it over and over again to customize the flavor via the infusion chamber.

- Not to mention its cool and a great conversation piece.

Vodka Vault Challenge

- Invite your friends over for a taste test

- Open your original bottle of Vodka/Tequila and pour yourself and others a shot (do not drink it yet).

- Use Vodka Vault and filter the remaining bottle for at least 1 hour.

- Pour a corresponsing second shot of the filtered alcohol.

- Compare the taste of the first and the second and you will notice the difference.

- Vodka Vault branded shot glasses are labelled differently so you can remember which ones are the original and which ones are filtered.