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Infusion Pack

Infusion Pack

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Infuse your drinks with this four pack of flavors.  These four flavorings will help get you started on having a better your drink experience.  Use your imagination with four vials of flavors and/or combine them with one you already have at home.

Jalapeño: A great addition to any Tequila to add a little heat to your drink

Lemon:  A crowd favorite to make your vodka or gin have that refreshing summer-time taste

Ginger: A slight sweet peppery taste, this goes well by itself or mixed with other flavors.

Peach: A great addition to Rum and/or Vodka to add a sense of delight to your cocktail

Use your imagination and create many combinations that your taste buds will surely enjoy.  All flavorings are 100% natural, are packaged in glass vials with real corks, and a safety seal on the top.

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